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September: No News is (Mostly!) Good News

My only excuse for not updating this blog more regularly is that conditions have been mostly good since my last post; after a very poor June things settled down without warming up too much, and our success rate for July and August has been pretty good. The Grand Couloir has stayed “in” for virtually the whole season ( we lost a week last week in a short hot spell but it’s cooled down again now) and it’s looking promising for the next couple of courses at least. With this year’s exceptionally snowy June in the mix our season statistics might still be slightly below average, but at least we look set to finish on a high note. John Taylor

John Taylor
John has been climbing in the Mont Blanc region for over 25 years and became an IFMGA Mountain Guide in 2002. He has been the owner / Head Guide at Mont Blanc Guides Ltd. since 2004.