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A Good Start But a Difficult Few Days Ahead…

Despite my natural mountain guide’s tendency towards pessimism my concerns about the surplus snow proved unfounded yesterday when our first course made the top of Mont Blanc at 7:30am. Well done to all involved and especially to head guide Christian Appertet for a particularly fine piece of logistics juggling  to move things around (and call in a few personal favours with hut guardians!) to make it possible.

A good track is in on both Mont Blanc and our training peak Gran Paradiso and snow shoes are no longer needed on either peak  which is always a plus, however our second course has just had to turn back from Tete Rousse and the unsettled early season looks set to continue for the next few days at least. Our third course pictured above on Gran Paradiso summit yesterday (photo: Klemen Gricar) are setting off tomorrow but unfortunately the forecast is not good…

John Taylor (Head Guide MBG)

John Taylor
John has been climbing in the Mont Blanc region for over 25 years and became an IFMGA Mountain Guide in 2002. He has been the owner / Head Guide at Mont Blanc Guides Ltd. since 2004.