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8 Guests, 4 Guides, 2 Summits, 1 week….

What an incredible week this week has been. The full team experiencing summit success on both the Gran Paradiso 4061m and then three days later Mont Blanc 4810m

At the beginning, the weather was not looking particularly good for the Mont Blanc part of our program, so it was a real welcome surprise to one and all. Cheers to all our guides this season and for this team in particular: Urbi, Carlo, Marco and Calum for helping to make it all happen! Also a huge congratulations to the team: David Antrobus, Ben Morgan, Paul Maunder, Ian Welch, Lee Matthews, David Fegen, Kurt Kroger and James Hall for succeeding! It was a real pleasure meeting you all. What will the next adventure be….

Dee Abrahams
Originally from the Lake District, Dee and her mountain guide husband Simon moved to the Chamonix valley in 2005. She has been the logistical hub of Mont Blanc Guides Ltd. since 2006 and summitted Mont Blanc in 2011.